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To keep Utah moving, UDOT completed an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) in 2011 to evaluate a new corridor connecting I-80 to S.R. 36 in Tooele. The study team identified a future corridor, now known as Midvalley Highway (S.R. 179), to be constructed in phases.

19500_map_Full scope_Mobile.jpg
19500_map_Full scope_Horiz.jpg

The first phase was constructed and opened in October 2021, providing a direct connection from I-80 to S.R. 138. That section includes a single lane in each direction and was built to provide a long-term transportation solution that can scale as future capacity needs and funding are identified.

In February 2024, UDOT completed an Environmental Assessment (EA) to determine a recommended future road alignment that would extend the Midvalley Highway (S.R. 179) from S.R. 138 to S.R. 36.

Even though an alternative to connect S.R. 138 and S.R. 36 was identified in the original EIS, conditions changed and an EA was necessary to find an alternative that would better minimize environmental and community impacts while still addressing long-term transportation needs in the area.

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